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Sun Apr 11 17:53:33 UTC 2004

This raises the issue of the difference between a person with near 100%
visual memory conversion to long term memory and  a person who is aiding in
doing same by way of biological and or cybernetic enhancements which may
include worn equipment.  Is there to be a limit put on  accuracy of
natural or enhanced recordings similar to the limit put on computing speed
in decades gone by.

I see restriction of use of unauthorized information as more effective than
restriction of acquisition be it  accidental or otherwise.

"Pharmer Mo"

Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> Wearable Camera Etiquette is more complicated than people think.  There
> are many times where people won't want to be recorded.  Ettiquette
> should include:
> - don't record in bookstores where you can record published content
> without paying for it
> - don't record near cash registers where you can record people's credit
> cards
> - don't record near public phones or ATMs where you can record people's
> PIN numbers
> - don't record while using the phone where you can break wiretapping
> laws
> - don't record near computers in use where you can record people's
> keystrokes or passwords
> - don't record when copyrighted music is playing or near TVs or in
> theatres or during performances where you can record copyrighted
> materials without permission
> - don't record anybody if you plan to publish your recording and you
> don't have contracts for these people to appear in your video
> - don't record anybody talking if you aren't part of the conversation,
> because microphones can pick up speech beyond your hearing range, where
> you can "bug" people who think they are having a private conversation
> - don't record near bridges, airports, train stations, bus stations,
> tall buildings, banks or other possible terrorist or criminal targets,
> or the feds might think you are casing the location for future attacks
> These are just a few examples off the top of my head where people might
> demand that your recording stop.
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