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On Sunday, April 11, 2004, at 01:53 pm, Extropian Agroforestry Ventures 
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> This raises the issue of the difference between a person with near 100%
> visual memory conversion to long term memory and  a person who is 
> aiding in
> doing same by way of biological and or cybernetic enhancements which 
> may
> include worn equipment.

One difference is that near 100% visual memory conversion to long term 
memory doesn't really exist.  I know you see these guys on TV that 
glance at a newspaper and can recite it verbatum, but these stunts 
never stand up to skeptical scrutiny.  People really don't have 
photographic images for text and data.  They might have good spacial 
imaging for colors and positions, but not to read a lot of text in an 

>   Is there to be a limit put on  accuracy of
> natural or enhanced recordings similar to the limit put on computing 
> speed
> in decades gone by.

I doubt it.  But there will be a limit on whose data you can access and 
record if they don't give you permission.

> I see restriction of use of unauthorized information as more effective 
> than
> restriction of acquisition be it  accidental or otherwise.

Or otherwise?  Meaning deliberate acquisition of data that does not 
belong to the acquirer is to be allowed?

I think any deliberate attempt to collect data illegally will stay 
illegal.  It usually is the intent of a crime that defines it.  An 
accidental capture of data would probably be OK.  The deliberate 
attempt to capture other people's credit card numbers and passwords, or 
the deliberate recording of material in a bookstore so you can walk out 
with it without paying for it will be kept illegal.  These laws already 
exist today and will continue to exist in the face of new technology.

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