[extropy-chat] Wearable Camera Etiquette

Samantha Atkins samantha at objectent.com
Wed Apr 14 05:09:03 UTC 2004

Well, there are some problems here as we augment our intelligence and 
capabilities.  What happens when everyone has the equivalent of a 
photographic memory across all senses in full fidelity?   Are we to 
limit human potential to less than this or effectively brain damage 
future humans selectively and in some circumstances?   Or will we so 
arrange our societies and practices as to expect people to have such 
capabilities and to be capable of sharing fully what they have 
experienced with one another?    If we are truly extropic  I think the 
answer is clear.  Extropian values can not be fully achieved while 
clinging to norms predicated on and even requiring more limited human 

On Apr 11, 2004, at 8:39 AM, Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> Wearable Camera Etiquette is more complicated than people think.  
> There are many times where people won't want to be recorded.  
> Ettiquette should include:
> - don't record in bookstores where you can record published content 
> without paying for it

We very much need to move to a world where creators are paid without 
limiting the full availability and spread of knowledge, information and 
entertainment.   One way to get there is to have a pool of funds 
through subscription or some other means that creators are paid a 
percentage out of based on how often their creations are 
viewed/accessed.   Subscribers get the right to access and share any of 
the content covered by the fund as often as they wish.  Since the 
creator is paid based on access it is in the creators interest for the 
information to be copied and distributed in full fidelity as widely as 
possible.   This both takes care of the creators and does not hamstring 
new technologies and their application.

> - don't record near cash registers where you can record people's 
> credit cards

Credit cards will disappear in favor of biometric databases or embedded 
chips rather quickly.

> - don't record near public phones or ATMs where you can record 
> people's PIN numbers

What pin numbers?  What ATMs?  Old technology that needs replacing as 
human abilities and technology accelerates.

> - don't record while using the phone where you can break wiretapping 
> laws

We need to get to a society quickly where it is assumed that everything 
witnessed by any person was "remembered" in full fidelity and is fully 
shareable with others.   Anything less than this limits all of us.

> - don't record near computers in use where you can record people's 
> keystrokes or passwords

What passwords?  "Talk to the hand!"

> - don't record when copyrighted music is playing or near TVs or in 
> theatres or during performances where you can record copyrighted 
> materials without permission

This copyright system is broken as it limits technology and its 
application, criminalizes large swaths of the public and is far and 
away out of control.

> - don't record anybody if you plan to publish your recording and you 
> don't have contracts for these people to appear in your video

See above answer.

> - don't record anybody talking if you aren't part of the conversation, 
> because microphones can pick up speech beyond your hearing range, 
> where you can "bug" people who think they are having a private 
> conversation

Are we then to limit human enhanced senses?   A private conversation 
should be encrypted not dependent on limiting the abilities of others.

> - don't record near bridges, airports, train stations, bus stations, 
> tall buildings, banks or other possible terrorist or criminal targets, 
> or the feds might think you are casing the location for future attacks

Screw the Feds and their outrageous limitations on the people under the 
pretense of "fighting terrorism".

- samantha

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