[extropy-chat] MARS: Because it is hard

Matus matus at matus1976.com
Tue Apr 13 05:50:12 UTC 2004

>>Spike -- what is the energy cost differential
> > of going to a Mars moon instead of our moon?
> >
> > Robert

"the deltaV required to go from LEO to lunar surface is 6 km/s (3.2 km/s
for trans lunar injection, 0.9 km/s to capture into low lunar orbit, and
1.9 km/s to land on the airless moon) On the other hand, the deltaV
required to go from LEO to the Martian surface is only about 4.5 km/s (4
km/s for trans Mars injection, 0.1 km/s for post-aerocapture orbit
adjustment, and 0.4 km/s to land after using the aeroshield - but no
parachute - for aerodynamic acceleration.)  Put briefly, from a
propulsion point of view, it is much easier to go from LEO directly to
Mars than it is to go from LEO to the surface of the Moon"  - Robert
Zubrin "The Case for Mars" pg 136

According to Zubrin, it doesn't make much sense to go to the Moon as a
staging point for a trip to Mars.  I happened to read this page just
today and came across Robert's question.  

Zubrin Mars Direct plan has pretty much won me over, does anyone here
have any objections or counter arguments?  I would be interested in
hearing some criticisms of his plan.



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