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--- David Lubkin <extropy at unreasonable.com> wrote:
> Robert wrote:
> >These are HR 163 and S 89 which can be looked up on thomas.loc.gov/
> >It looks like they are trying to draft people possibly into 2 years
> >of service (so much for the volunteer military).
> >
> >The part that I'm scratching my head over was that they were
> >introduced in early 2003 (before Iraq started) and didn't seem 
> >to go anywhere.
> >Do they have to be reintroduced in 2004 or do they remain in the
> >queue?
> This was discussed among the punditry at the time; you just don't
> waste enough time watching cable news.

What is even more interesting is how the fact that ALL of the 13
co-sponsors of the bill are Democrats, who, in the words of Newsweek
columnist Ryan Gorche, commenting on the antics of Dems on the 9/11
Commission: "There's something unsettling about seeing prominent
Democrats who spent the winter blasting Bush as a trigger-happy cowboy
now faulting the president for not pulling the trigger in time."

> >The strange part is that one of the sponsors for the HR bill is
> >McDermott who is my congressman (who has to be one of the most
> > liberal persons in the House of Representatives).
> Nothing strange at all. This was a ploy by the anti-Iraq-invasion
> left (*). I wasn't aware of McDermott; the front man in the press
> was Charlie Rangel. 
> He had a populist argument that we shouldn't have a war unless
> everyone was represented, and brought out the race card again.

Fritz Hollings is the primary sponsor, but of course Charlie plays the
race card much better than the lily-white Hollings. Now, I'll lay a
good bet that every one of the 13 democrat co-sponsors were drafted
when they were kids, and resented it highly.

Of course, what is most interesting is that almost all of the hew and
cry over this bill is ALSO coming from the left, which belies the fact
that it is all a polical ploy, and not a real agenda item. 

Right-wing paranoiacs like the John Birch Society are chiming in, as a
natural reaction to anything the left does:

Read on:

Sayeth fellow FSPer Lars Hedbor:

Tinfoil hats optional or required for attendance?
Sorry, couldn't restrain myself...
- Lars D. H. Hedbor
  Oregon City, Oregon


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