[extropy-chat] US Politics: Draft?

Matus matus at matus1976.com
Tue Apr 13 19:22:05 UTC 2004

> >
> > The strange part is that one of the sponsors for the HR bill is
> > McDermott
> > who is my congressman (who has to be one of the most liberal persons
> > in the House of Representatives).
> This is what is really going on:
> The Democrats are pissed that there isn't more anti-war demonstration,
> The sponsors of the draft bill are all Democrats, like McDermott of
> The media, like NPR and others, are trying to push for support for
> bill in the pro-Bush heartland with statistics that show that more
> rural kids are being killed in Iraq than city kids, that somehow this
> isn't "fair", and that the only way to fix this 'problem' is by
> instituting a draft to force those unpatriotic city kids to bear their
> 'fair share' of the fighting and dying.

I personally have received a few emails from democrats citing this bill
as a reason *not* to vote for Bush, assuring me that he plans on
instituting a draft.  They never bothered to check to see who was
sponsoring that bill apparently.

To support Mike Lorrey's Statement, I want to point to the recent NPR

http://www.npr.org/features/feature.php?wfId=1810753 (use real player to

Notable excerpts

"the moral issue is, if the whole nation goes to war, shouldnt the whole
nation go to fight?" - Reporter Bill Bishop

"The service and the sacrifice should be more equitable, the only sure
way to accomplish that is with the return of the military draft." - Ike
Skelton, ranking democrat on the House Armed Services Committee

Ike goes on to suggest that he hopes recruiters target big cities as
much as rural communities, therefore ensuring more big city people get
killed as opposed to rural people.

There are two points in the article, 1) the statistics that suggest
people from Rural communities are *more likely* to be killed, and 2) are
more likely to be in the army as well.  One should hope that the former
takes into account the latter, presuming it does, what is it about city
folk that make them less likely to be killed?  More used to dealing with
large social situations, large groupings of people, complex busy
streets, etc?  


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