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                      Alcor News Bulletin
                   Number 25: April 13 2004


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Tanya Jones is the principal author of unattributed
articles; the issue was edited and sent to subscribers by
Mike Perry.


                         In This Issue:

           Legislative Update
           Whole-Body Vitrification Development
           Balanced Budget
           Declaration of Intent Form Added to Website
           Staff Position Available
           Fundraising Appeal
           Foresight Gathering Discount for Alcor Members
           May Board Meeting Details


                   Legislative Update

As you've probably already heard, the legislative matters
have mostly been laid to rest for this session.
Representative Stump withdrew his bill after an intense
series of stakeholder meetings left some critical issues
without consensus. Though we intend to remain vigilant for
the rest of the session, watching for another striker bill,
we expect this matter is concluded for now.

Regulation now seems inevitable--despite the complexity of
associated issues being so strong a factor in the withdrawal
of this bill. We need to be prepared for the next time
regulation efforts begin, especially since we are likely to
be invited to the table early. We need to ensure that we are
both legislatively and administratively prepared for the
next bill process.

We have already made significant headway in establishing the
kind of protection we both want and need. Adapting this
language into ideal statutes for introduction next year
shouldn't be too difficult. Forging the necessary
relationships to see such legislation adopted is already
underway. Working on the wording of future legislation,
rules requirements for certification as a cryonics
establishment, and fee schedules will continue through
November, which is when the bill may be introduced for the
next legislative session. We intend to continue improving
our relationship with the Funeral Board and will attempt to
resolve our differences with the Funeral Association.


              Whole-Body Vitrification Development

Internal meetings have begun on the development of a whole-
body vitrification capability. A preliminary plan is being
drafted for changes to the operating table and perfusion
parameters to meet the need of lower-temperature perfusion.
Over the course of the next month, we'll be developing the
drawings and materials schedule, not to mention the project
proposal, needed to construct the prototype operating

Technical staff members will continue to meet on this topic
at regular intervals, moving this development forward; but
since reconciliation of the design requirements took
relatively little time, there is little impeding our


                      Balanced Budget

With all the distractions of late, we're a little behind on
the completion of the 2004 budget. During the budget
development process, we determined that a major overhaul was
needed of our accounting system to be able to extract the
data needed to forecast revenue and expenses. These changes
have been made, and the budget is now complete.

For the first time in at least a very long time, we will be
working from a balanced budget. Though the budget allows
little room for research and development other than the
projects already in the works, we're hoping that our
pessimistic revenue estimates will be exceeded, allowing for
the addition of more research later in the year.

Included in the budget are: finalization of the new Alcor
transport vehicle, Todd Huffman's insect memory project,
intermediate temperature storage (ITS) development, an
expansion of remote capability by a complete stabilization
kit, and a training class later in the year. Various
marketing projects will also be developed this year, since
the funds for those items are from specific, directed
donations. Cryopreservation estimates were based on the
assumption of six patients being added this year, including
four neuro and two whole-body patients.


         Declaration of Intent Form Added to Website

A minor note, given the recent dramatic state of operations
here, but Mike Perry's Declaration of Intent to be
Cryopreserved has been added to the Alcor website
Though not intended to substitute for any other paperwork,
this document provides a quick and easy way for anyone to
declare a desire to be cryopreserved without requiring any
other decisions be made, including the critical choice of
cryonics provider, whole body or neuro, etc.

We're hoping that this document will reduce the number of
last minute cases we have to reject for lack of informed


                  Staff Position Available

Our beloved bookkeeper, Lucy Rosas-Cornejo, has decided to
leave, taking a position nearer to her new home in Surprise,
Arizona. Though she has only been here a short time, we've
all come to appreciate Lucy's intelligence, attention to
detail, and positive outlook. She will be sorely missed.

Alcor will be hiring someone to fill this critical role
immediately, since we have no desire to impede the
retirement of Joe Hovey at the end of this month. If you
know anyone in the Phoenix area (preferably within a 20-
minute drive) who might be qualified and interested in
filling this vacancy, please have them forward a resume to
Jennifer Chapman at jennifer at alcor.org.


                     Fundraising Appeal

Alcor continues to expand and improve; this is an ongoing,
never-ending process.

Last October a fundraising appeal was sent to all members,
detailing the items that were and are part of our facility
expansion. Some of those projects have been completed; some
are still far from complete. The most immediate need is for
donations to help offset the costs of completing our new
Operating Room, which will enable Alcor for the first time
to perform two suspensions simultaneously. Some of the items
required are: two new operating tables; a patient hoist; one
set of operating room lights; a new heater/cooler for
cryoprotective perfusion; and new surgical trays. The new
heater/cooler and surgical tray alone will cost us over

We are appealing to our membership once again to step up to
the plate and help us out. Don't forget, depending on your
individual tax status, a large part or your entire donation
to this project may be tax-deductible.

Watch this space for continuing updates. [Joe Hovey]


        Foresight Gathering Discount for Alcor Members

Foresight Institute is offering a $200 discount on their
upcoming Senior Associates Gathering, to all Alcor members
and subscribers. In real financial terms, this makes the
annual Senior Associate membership nearly free, for all
Alcor folks who take advantage of this offer.

If you're interested in attending and are already a
Foresight Senior Associate, register for the gathering using
the "Super Early" rate. Don't worry about the long-dated
expiration of the offer, and put "Alcor" in the comments
field. Alcor folks will pay $295 instead of the post-April-3
rate of $495.

For more information on the Gathering, visit

For more information on the Senior Associate program, visit


                  Board Meeting Schedule

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 1,
2004 at 11:00 AM (PST), also 11:00 AM local Arizona time.

Board meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month
at the Alcor facility (7895 East Acoma Drive in Scottsdale,
AZ). Members are encouraged to attend.

End of Alcor News bulletin #25 dated April 13, 2004.
Distribution: 497 subscribers.

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