[extropy-chat] Yoda The Mouse Turns 4

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Wed Apr 14 06:18:13 UTC 2004

>From Slashdot: Through some genetic engineering to reduce insulin output,
Yoda the mouse has lived to over four years old, equivalent to 136 human
years. Yoda is a third smaller than normal, and gets cold all the time so he
must snuggle up with Princess Leia, his cage-mate, but he is alive and full
of vigor at the ripe old age of 4. Who's next for insulin reduction?
>From Longevity Meme: As the founders of the Methuselah Mouse prize realized,
healthy life extension in mice is a yardstick by which the public measures
possibilities for the future of human health and longevity. Long-lived mice
will mean that long-lived people are not too far off. Aubrey de Grey thinks
that we could largely defeat aging in mice in a decade, given the right
level of funding - certainly food for thought.
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