[extropy-chat] The rapidly emerging field of brain computer interfaces

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>From the New York Times: Can a machine read a person's mind? A medical
device company is about to find out. The company, Cyberkinetics Inc., plans
to implant a tiny chip in the brains of five paralyzed people in an effort
to enable them to operate a computer by thought alone. The Food and Drug
Administration has given approval for a clinical trial of the implants,
according to the company.
The melding of man and machine has long been a staple of science fiction.
Indeed, the participants in Cyberkinetics's clinical trial, who have not yet
been chosen, will have a cable sticking out of their heads to connect them
to computers, making them look something like characters in "The Matrix."
Though Cyberkinetics is not the first to try neural control in people, it
seems the most intent on bringing a product to market, perhaps by 2007 or
2008. Started in 2001 and based in Foxborough, Mass., the company has raised
$9 million for the project.
Cyberkinetics is a leader in the rapidly emerging field of brain computer
interfaces. Cyberkinetics' technology allows for the creation of direct,
reliable and bi-directional interfaces between the brain, nervous system and
a computer. The development of safe, robust implants for recording from, and
or stimulating, the brain surface will open the potential to study other
complex signals from the brain. Cyberkinetics technology platform, called
BrainGate may allow breakthrough applications which leverage the translation
of thought into direct computer control.
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