[extropy-chat] Wearable Camera Etiquette

Samantha Atkins samantha at objectent.com
Sat Apr 17 19:10:21 UTC 2004

On Apr 15, 2004, at 4:21 PM, Harvey Newstrom wrote:

>> Should some people's desire to limit the capabilities of other people 
>> to what they are comfortable with be honored?   I don't see why or 
>> how doing so could be compatible with freedom to enhance one's own 
>> life and capabilities.
> I understand that you don't want people imposing their limitations on 
> you.  But can you see how your vision of the future imposes new 
> limitations on others?  They currently can hold private conversations 
> while at dinner or in their car.  Your future has people using 
> technology to listen in on these conversations not intended to them, 
> and limits people's capabilities to talk normally.  You will stop them 
> from doing what they are already capable of now.  They also will 
> resent this new limitation and fight against it.  Their will claim 
> that you are limiting them, just as you claim the reverse would be 
> limiting you.  I suspect that society will (at least initially) side 
> with the majority/older capabilities over minority/new capabilities.

I have already agreed that some new principles of etiquette, possibly 
backed by certain laws, would be necessary.  But this is a far cry from 
removing even the availability of such extended capabilities.

> What I am saying is that we need a way to introduce the new 
> capabilities without destroying people's already existing 
> capabilities.
>> We need to enable people to augment their abilities AND enable people 
>> to have some level of privacy and control over what is done with 
>> their information trail.
> I think we are pretty much agreed in our goals.  There will be a lot 
> of friction as technology becomes more imposing on others.

We also probably agree (?) that it is a slippery slope as to what is 
and is not "imposing on others" when the abilities of the players are 
in flux.

- samantha

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