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The Ciber at RT Conference 2004 is in Bilbao, Spain, April 
24-30.   "Challenges for a Ubiquitous Identity" is a high-tech, 
multi-faceted conference on the electronic arts and culture.  It takes 
place in Bilbao, spain (where the fabulous Frank Gehry Guggenheim Museum is 
located). http://www.guggenheim.org/

Presenters include Roy Ascott, Natasha Vita-More, Mark Amerika, Derrick de 
Kerckhove, Kelly Dobson, Kjell Yngve Petersen...


"The International Festival of New Technologies, Art and Communication: 
Ciber at RT Bilbao 2004 is preparing its next edition which, under the heading 
"Challenges for a Ubiquitous Identity," will take place in the city of 
Bilbao from Friday 23rd to Friday 30th of April. Since the beginning, in 
1995, the main aim of this festival has been to deal with the essential 
elements in artistic production through digital media and to reflect on the 
changes society undergoes as a consequence of the presence of technological 
resources, processes and mediations. Ciber at RT Bilbao 2004 is a 
multidisciplinary festival, as it becomes obvious from the great variety of 
programmed activities in its various sections: Net-Art, Off-line Multimedia 
Projects, International Conference, Computer Animation, Minimisation and 
Interactive Installations."

VENUES FOR THE FESTIVAL - Ciberart Bilbao 2004 will be held at two venues:

- Festival at the Mercado del Ensanche and the
- Conference at the Palacio Euskalduna Jauregia

EXHIBITION - A total of 237 works will be on show at the Mercado del Ensanche

"Ciber at RT Bilbao 2004 will bring new proposals and sections with the aim of 
updating the contents in keeping with the artistic-scientific development. 
Our objectives are: to be a world-wide showcase for the art of the new 
media; to take on the multiplicity of media, systems, tools, medium, forms 
and modes, which are present in the context of contemporary creation and 
research all over the world; to serve as a springboard for the sectors 
involved; to provide a hedge for the creators who apply the new 
technologies in their works and to help to spread and show their works of 

<http://www.ciberart-bilbao.net/ponencias_en.htm>Speakers, Papers, 
Performances & Exhibitions: »

Conference focus  The International Conference of the Festival Ciber at RT 
Bilbao 2004 is a biannual event and is a space for debate and reflection.

"Under the name Challenges for a Ubiquitous Identity it will focus on the 
challenges posed by cyberculture and the new artistic practices that use 
digital technologies and emerging technologies for their development. These 
technologies and the discussions, which they generate, have a wide-reaching 
social repercussion."


Natasha Vita-More

President, Extropy Institute  http://www.extropy.org
Founder, Transhumanist Arts & Culture  http://www.transhumanist.biz
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