[extropy-chat] Using Graphic controllers

David Lubkin extropy at unreasonable.com
Sun Apr 18 16:50:07 UTC 2004

Dan Clemmensen wrote:

>I disagree. The term "von Neumann design" is a technical term in general 
>use. Whether or not we "should" use it is irrelevant: we do use it.

When a technical term is incorrect, or discovery/invention is 
misattributed, the scientific and engineering communities have often 
changed their terminology as evidence has warranted.

Whether *they* do or not in this case, I encourage *you* and others on the 
list to use the phrase "EDVAC design," both because it is more accurate and 
out of whatever respect you have for me, much as I credit Robin with idea 
futures or Arthur Kantrowitz with laser launching.

-- David Lubkin.

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