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This is a hoax. Some Danish guy invented this fake weapon and went 
to a Chinese weapons fair to advertise it. Crazy.

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[ The ID SNIPERTM rifle designed by EMPIRE NORTH 
[ What is the ID SNIPERTM rifle?
[ It is used to implant a GPS-microchip in the body of a human being,
[ using a high powered sniper rifle as the long distance injector. The
[ microchip will enter the body and stay there, causing no internal
[ damage, and only a very small amount of physical pain to the 
[ target. It
[ will feel like a mosquito-bite lasting a fraction of a second. At the
[ same time a digital camcorder with a zoom-lense fitted within 
[ the scope
[ will take a high-resolution picture of the target. This 
[ picture will be
[ stored on a memory card for later image-analysis. 
[ Why use the ID SNIPERTM rifle?
[ As the urban battlefield grows more complex and intense, new ways of
[ managing and controlling crowds are needed. The attention of the media
[ changes the rules of the game. Sometimes it is difficult to engage the
[ enemy in the streets without causing damage to the all important image
[ of the state. Instead EMPIRE NORTH suggests to mark and identify a
[ suspicious subject on a safe distance, enabeling the national law
[ enforcement agency to keep track on the target through a satellite in
[ the weeks to come.
[ The ID SNIPERTM rifle was presented by Empire North in Beijing at the
[ China Police 2002 exhibition. 
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