[extropy-chat] PRIVACY: GPS darts

Daniel Matthews dan at 3-e.net
Wed Apr 21 02:45:26 UTC 2004

Anyone want to do the physics on this?
What energy is required to give such an object the required penetration of 
human flesh at such a range? How is this kinetic energy transfered to the 
target to slow the projectile to a stop, without the target feeling like they 
just got kicked by a horse?

Then there is the physiology, what percent of the body has provision to absorb 
such an impact and then host the projectile without subsequent complications 
such as hemorrhaging or infection. 

Mike, I suggest you ram a 2x40mm needle into your bum and leave it there for a 
few days if you still think such a device is realistic. Don't forget you 
can't sterilise it and it must go through a full layer of clothing.

Having just had a round of immunisation injections I know that even a small 
needle in skilled hands will leave you with painful area for several days.

Others have already pointed out that no device is that small and that such a 
small device would not work as a transmitter.

The image of the gun is clearly a computer rendering and not a very good one 
either. No HDRI based GI etc.

{Mike, IMHO I think you would get further if you travel slower.}

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