[extropy-chat] FREE STATE: Career Opportunities Opening in New Hampshire

Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 23 02:18:51 UTC 2004

I'm posting this here because I know there are a number of extropes who
are FSP members or interested in the possibility, who are not members
of any FSP email lists. I've been acquainted with the owner of
Corbadex, Robert Gibson, since the LPNH Convention in November and I've
been doing the remodeling on our new office space at the Manchester
International Airport, which will be the domestic services hub for
Serve-Em.com. The LPNH will also have its new HQ in subletted offices
at the Corbadex space, helping Free Staters orient and fit in as they
arrive in-state.

Career Opportunities Available for Free Staters and Libertarians!

Corbadex Corporation is one of the first companies
expanding into New Hampshire as a result of the Free
State Project. Corbadex (the product) consists of
application server platform technology designed to
support “Killer Apps” for certain service industries.

1-800-SERVE-EM, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary
based on a Corbadex application, formed to service  a
$1.2B segment of the $3.6B market known as “Civil
Service of Legal Process”.

We are now hiring and training process expeditors for
employment in our new Manchester, New Hampshire
Airport Processing Center starting in May. This is an
interesting and rewarding position, requiring problem
solving abilities along with strong computer skills.
Any experience in legal services, process serving or
investigation is a plus.

Initial qualified applicants will receive training on
our systems and processes at our Airport Processing
Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Trainees will
receive fully paid individual studio efficiency
housing along with transportation to and from the
processing center each day during the two-week
training period. Alternatively, trainees may elect to
receive a $600 learning stipend over the initial 2
week period. Additionally, lunch is provided each

Base salary for process expeditors graduates to
$31,200 over the first 90 days. Thereafter employees
are eligible for merit raises and group health
coverage by Aetna, along with supplemental coverage by

An employee qualified stock option plan is also being
developed, as the company expects to be publicly
traded by year-end.  More than employees, we are
looking for partners that share our quest for Liberty
and the financial rewards possible when smart,
dedicated entrepreneurs are free to pursue their

Additional information is available at

Interested parties should call 800.737.8336 and speak
to Robert Gibson.

Mike Lorrey
Chairman, Free Town Land Development
"Live Free or Die, Death is not the Worst of Evils."
                                       - Gen. John Stark
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