[extropy-chat] LIST: Nominating Moderators

natashavita at earthlink.net natashavita at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 1 15:02:16 UTC 2004

Greetings to everyone -

With the most recent shake-up, we are looking for more list moderators.

Having six moderators has been helpful, but not all these moderators have
been able to read all list posts for various reasons.  Please note that I
do not think it is necessary to read each and every post, as this would be
a bit over the top.  However, it is essential that list members communicate
with the moderators.  The most recent example of how list members could
have communicated directly with the moderators was the recent thread that
the majority of list members thought was despicable and deplorable.  While
there was not an ad hominem attack within this thread (to my knowledge and
if I am wrong, please correct me), the "nature" and "breath" of the thread
and was in conflict to the goals of Extropy Institute, the philosophy of
Extropy, and the ideals of Transhumanism.  I believe that in circumstances
such as this, when the contents of a thread suggests immoral acts, that it
is essential to intervene and stop the thread by telling posters to take it
off the list.

Rather than having our list a private list, which is an option being
discussed by the Board and list moderators, I'd like to make sure that this
is the best route to take.

A private list, for members only, may not be a bad thing.  But, then again,
it may be and I do not want to make that decision without the full
knowledge of list members and taking the time to listen to everyone's views.

Until a decision is made, I'd like to welcome you all to volunteer
yourselves, or nominate someone you think is fair-minded to participate
with other moderators in making sure that our list runs smoothly and that
issues are handled with speed and effectiveness.

Please send me your names privately and I will provide them to our current
list moderators.  Thanks.

My best to you all,


Natasha Vita-More
President, Extropy Institute

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