[extropy-chat] LIST: Nominating Moderators

natashavita at earthlink.net natashavita at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 2 15:35:55 UTC 2004

From: Samantha Atkins 

>>A private list, for members only, may not be a bad thing.  But, then 
>> again,
>> it may be and I do not want to make that decision without the full
>> knowledge of list members and taking the time to listen to everyone's 
>> views.

>Why would having it a private list help anything?   I don't see it 
>being better myself.  But I am probably missing something.

There are several reasons. Most importantly, recieving threats or libelous
statements from posters to ExI and our president and/or Board and advisors
is not in keeping with how ExI wants to run an e-mail list.  It is damaging
to the institute, the principles and the members.



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