[extropy-chat] Redneck Transhumanist Transplant from NY/LA

natashavita at earthlink.net natashavita at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 2 20:27:02 UTC 2004

>OK, I feel I started something that maybe out of control...lol

>I hope members of this group do not look at those from the south as
>uneducated inbreeds. I do poke fun at the stereotypes we have here in the
>south, but know this is not the case for the most part. However, I do
>understand that the meth ridden trailer parks of Arkansas do offer a lot of
>amusement that their expense. 

>I would like others to not discount mine or others from my state abilities
>to aid transhumanist ideas just because of our rural location.

Hey listen up - I've been transported to Texas - in the rural west hills. 
Yes, it's "Austin" so I get plenty of *kudos,* but it's still Texas, and
there is no way of gett'n around that.  I've even got Greg Burch as
state-neighbor and you've seen that big thing on cement blocks he brags
about having in his front yard. Can't get any worse than that - not even
the Appalachian Trail in Kentucky compares to some of the stuff I have to
listen to on the radio in the name of Jesus.


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