[extropy-chat] Redneck Transhumanist Transplant from NY/LA

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That is also not to mention the love Texas has to frying the mentally
challenged in prison. ("Sit here in Santa's Chair Johnny"..."OK officer
Bob").  I think we all can move on now. lol. I just wanted to make sure
others didn't discount me or others. I have had several emails off list that
confirm the exists outside the south several varieties of rednecks even
outside the US. Thanks again by letting me stir the pot by asking if there
where transhumanists in AR.  

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>OK, I feel I started something that maybe out of control...lol

>I hope members of this group do not look at those from the south as
>uneducated inbreeds. I do poke fun at the stereotypes we have here in the
>south, but know this is not the case for the most part. However, I do
>understand that the meth ridden trailer parks of Arkansas do offer a lot of
>amusement that their expense. 

>I would like others to not discount mine or others from my state abilities
>to aid transhumanist ideas just because of our rural location.

Hey listen up - I've been transported to Texas - in the rural west hills. 
Yes, it's "Austin" so I get plenty of *kudos,* but it's still Texas, and
there is no way of gett'n around that.  I've even got Greg Burch as
state-neighbor and you've seen that big thing on cement blocks he brags
about having in his front yard. Can't get any worse than that - not even
the Appalachian Trail in Kentucky compares to some of the stuff I have to
listen to on the radio in the name of Jesus.


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