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Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Sun Jul 4 00:43:18 UTC 2004

At 01:44 PM 7/3/04 -0700, Olga wrote:

>As for class:  Again, the *perception* of the word "redneck" does have a
>definite classist component.  It doesn't matter whether you personally don't
>believe redneck refers to a class - it does.

Redneck is an endearing term used in fun and nobody takes it seriously 
these days. Take a look at Foxworthy's website and his world-class comic 
stick.  He has made redneck as familiar as American Pie.  I highly doubt 
anyone is offended by his sense of humor and delight.

I think it is essential to have a sense of humor here, especially after the 
past week. So, let's cut a little slack and relax.  No one is being racist 
or ethnically uncouth.  It is how a person uses words, and I think we all 
are being warm-hearted.

I'm a redneck in Austin, and I also have a terrible red rash around my neck 
from wearing silver, which I am allergic to.  So, call me a redneck and 
I'll give you a big hug.

But, if there is a redneck on this list who is offended, let the moderators 
know and they can kick me off the list.

Enjoy having fun!  It's the 4th of July weekend!


Natasha Vita-More
President, Extropy Institute  http://www.extropy.org
Founder, Transhumanist Arts & Culture  http://www.transhumanist.biz
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