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Here you are speaking to yesterday's farmer and today's aspiring Pharmer.

Bioproducts can range from direct extraction of oils, starches, proteins,
selective mechanical or chemical fractionation, fibres and novel bioproducts
such as bio-cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals or biopharmaceuticals.
Secondary processing into biofuels, ethanol, methanol or fermentation
are all or will soon be a mainstream part of farming.  These can be reformed
into hydrogen fromn regional tertiary processing sites.  (This is
Saskatchewan's actual goal).
The tertiary processing to produce more exotic co-products such as nanotubes
or DNA, RNAi fragments or buckyballs is also an exciting prospect.
Just like the fun kids have looking at the honeycombs of wasp nests we may
soon do nano-bio-tech building blocks as bio-co-products.

So unlike a previous thread heralding the end of agriculture, I see
agriculture blossoming into
a myriad of new bio-based products.

You are talking the the guy with the strange idea the from a core business of
custom grown/processed hemp and marijuanas with  compounded co-product
additions  such as berberine from barberry ,  gotu kola bioproducts, mushroom
extracts one can build a
plant-based natural-health bio-product biopharmaceutical enterprise.

As well, this may begin a reversal of the depopulation of the rural areas as
intensive processing is equally easy to do in rural as in urban technology

Now for a bit of self agrandisement....................
            Re: Draft: Custom Compounded Natural Health Bio-Product market
            Mon, 21 Jun 2004 20:23:01 -0500
            "Extropian Agroforestry Ventures Inc." <megao at sasktel.net>
            B Taylor <editor at cannabishealth.com>, larry.mueller at sasktel.net

Hi Brian:
Everybody here thinks that what you say  explains the merits and supports the
issue and does so  in
clear and easy to read way.

Thanks  and when I get a supply of barberry bark I'll have to send you some.

B Taylor wrote:

  I would like to ad my personal support and offer a few comments in
  relation to the above request for support.I was pleased recently to
represent approximately 7000 grey
  area medical cannabis  users at a Health Canada planning meeting in Ottawa.
Over the next few
  months with the introduction of  new regulations, Canada will experience a
dramatic increase in the
  number of medical users. Most of those chronically ill Canadian that have
belonged to "Compassion
  Clubs" will be eligible to become legal. California, that has had these,
more inclusive regulations, and
  have a similar population to that of Canada, has 80,000 registered medical
users. The new regulations
  are driven by court decisions more than politics and will proceed,
regardless.The supply issue remains
  the weakest part of the new Health Canada plan. I have grown cannabis with a
legal license for two
  years. Far too many patients are being forced to grow. Patients wish to
remain in control of their
  supply but are unable to grow in their own environment.Morris Johnson and
his team have a formula
  that will work. Our company the Cannabis Research Institute Inc. have the
same vision and similar
  initiatives. I urge you to fund this initiative and begin the establishment
of a regional cannabis supply
  network Brian TaylorEditor of Cannabis Health JournalCEO of Cannabis Health
Foundation and
  Cannabis Research Institute Inc.PO Box 1481, Grand Forks, BC  V0H 1H0
  PH: 250-442-5166  FAX: 250-442-5167
  TOLL FREE: 1-866-808-5566
  Email:  editor at cannabishealth.com
  Web:  http://www.cannabishealth.com

Olga Bourlin wrote:

> "Plants could also be bred for specific uses such as special types of oils
> or fibers. They could in effect be used as "green factories" to produce
> whatever humankind needed in the future ..."
> http://www.enn.com/news/2004-06-22/s_25103.asp
> Olga
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