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Fri Jul 9 05:33:19 UTC 2004

starman2100 at cableone.net wrote:

> With the recent death of a prominent transhumanist's parent in an auto 
> accident, my mind has turned to why people die while behind the wheel 
> of a car, and what can be done to prevent it.  A recent Reader's 
> Digest website article titled "How Good Drivers Get Killed" did a 
> fairly good job of explaining the dangers out there.
> It turns out head-on collisions are a top killer, along with with 
> failing to yield at stop signs and red-light running.  But for each 
> challenge out there the article offers tips on how to reduce one's 
> chances of becoming another statistic.  
> http://www.rd.com/common/nav/index.jhtml?articleId=9522233 
> The article observed that "motorists must remember that the driver's 
> seat is an inherently unsafe place to be."  I find it interesting that 
> some immortalists who refuse to fly have no problem driving down our 
> bloodsoaked highways.  I tend to think people a century from now will 
> marvel that the denizens of our time risked their lives every time 
> they traveled to work or went to buy groceries.
> If anyone has ideas on how to be a better driver (and also how cars 
> could be made safer) please share it with the list.
> Because one very bad auto accident can ruin an immortalists day (and 
> entire existance).
> Best wishes,
> John Grigg
> Society for Venturism
> www.venturist.org <http://www.venturist.org>
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The Reason people get Killed in auto accidents is two fold

One.....the cars are too lightweight and flimsy.  (you can guess who to 
thank for that)

Two....people are idiots.  Us truckers call em "idiot four-wheelers".  I 
could tell you tales of what people do while driving...and you wouldn't 
beleive me.  I see it daily and **I** don't beleive it.  I'm firmly 
convinced that there is NO limit to Human Stupidity.

For those of you who may not know...this is my area of expertise.  I'm a 
professional driver....I average over 100 K  miles a year.  Heavy Haul 

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