[extropy-chat] more archives up

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Fri Jul 9 10:46:44 UTC 2004

I've been putting a few archives up. They're not yet indexed by Google, so
for now I'm just sending the naked URIs.

http://leitl.org/gamess/threads.html Gamess users mailing list
http://leitl.org/tt/threads.html Transhumantech archives
http://leitl.org/murg2/threads.html MURG new
http://leitl.org/murg1/threads.html MURG old
http://leitl.org/nanocad/ NanoCAD
http://leitl.org/sci.nano/ sci.nano

Hope this is useful to anyone, even as is. (It should be indexed in a month,
or so).

Eugen* Leitl <a href="http://leitl.org">leitl</a>
ICBM: 48.07078, 11.61144            http://www.leitl.org
8B29F6BE: 099D 78BA 2FD3 B014 B08A  7779 75B0 2443 8B29 F6BE
http://moleculardevices.org         http://nanomachines.net
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