[extropy-chat] Politics: US talks of suspending elections

Brian Lee brian_a_lee at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 12 20:27:19 UTC 2004

Isn't it pretty pointless for a newsource to quote "unnamed sources". What 
proves that they exist. I've noticed this a lot lately with "unnamed sources 
close to xyz". This could be Tom Ridge speaking off the record or a janitor.

There have been quite a few cases of news fabrication lately. I disregard 
any story that won't name who is providing the information.


>From: Dan Clemmensen <dgc at cox.net>
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>Adrian Tymes wrote:
>>--- Dan Clemmensen <dgc at cox.net> wrote:
>>>My first reaction: The senior people in the Bush
>>>administration have demonstrated a profound ignorance of the US
>>>constitution, and it underlying principles. This is merely the most
>>>recent and most egregious example.
>>Umm...Samantha said *the press* are talking about it.
>>Do you have a single specific instance of *the Bush
>>administration* talking about it?
>>Bush has done enough things to be worth voting him out
>>of office, without attributing to him violations he
>>has not in fact even contemplated yet.  The case
>>against him is far stronger if it relies only on the
>>truth, just like most such cases.
>From the first hit at google news:
>"[Newsweek] cited unnamed sources who said the Department of Homeland 
>Security asked the Justice Department for advice last week.
>/Newsweek/ said DeForest Soaries, chairman of the U.S. Election Assistance 
>Commission, wants Ridge to ask Congress to pass legislation giving the 
>government power to cancel or reschedule a federal election. Soaries said 
>New York suspended primary elections on the day of the Sept. 11 attacks, 
>but the federal government does not appear to have that authority."
>Recall my third reaction: what should we do if someone nukes Washington on 
>election day? As horrible as it sounds, our society really does need to 
>answer this question.
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