[extropy-chat] technological equilibrium

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Tue Jul 13 05:39:24 UTC 2004

Occasionally one stumbles over an insight which has
for some time proven elusive, even though the insight
is so obvious it illicits in the suddenly enlightened
the response, "well, DUH!"

I had a well-duh moment this evening.  Since the Long
Now talk by Dr. Jill Tarter, I have been pondering the
question of how an advanced society can ever re-establish
some technological equilibrium.

This disturbed me as a child when I read Asimov's
Foundation.  Here was a technologically advanced society
that was retrogressing, or at least not progressing.
I did not have the vocabulary or grokitudinosity to
understand the singularity then, but even then I had
a hard time imagining an advanced society that was
not moving progressing.  

At Dr. Tarter's lecture, that same question hit me:
intelligence either devours itself, or goes to singularity,
or establishes technological stability somehow.  I could
not imagine how technological stability or equilibrium
could ever come about.

This evening's insight was on why it is I have such
a hard time imagining advance tech equilibrium: on this
planet, every society that is currently in or has ever 
reached technological equilibrium is primitive!

Well, duh.  Obviously.  Has anyone a counterexample?  Has 
anyone a suggestion, or a mechanism for how an advanced 
society can establish pre-singularity technological equilibrium?


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