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Wed Jul 14 14:47:15 UTC 2004

From: Adrian Tymes 

--- Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> wrote:
>> Found the transhumanist party?

>Would you believe the Extropians were, in at least one
>widely-consumed piece of science fiction, a major
>political party?  (At least, one of the two major
>parties was called the Extropians, and its beliefs
>were not that different from ExI's official

I've been looking for a futurists' politics and wondering how we could
bridge this gap.

It is apparent to me that political parties, as we know them, are
constructed with a psychology of one against the other, which is in
conflict with developing a positive and rational viewpoint in working
through problems and developing arguable, sensible ways to deal with
issues.  We even see this within transhumanism. The current muff or riff
between the Social Democrats/Marxists/Socialists and Libertarian is an
example.  Rather than being at each other’s throats, they should be working
together to outline, map or graph, where they agree, where the disagree,
and what they can do together or join forces in some way to step in the
direction of progress and work within their partisan approaches to realize
certain specific transhumanist goals.

I do think that the Proactionary Principle is an appropriate weights and
measures when addressing issues.  If this principle becomes well known, it
will serve as a valuable guideline for the future of policy making. 

Rather than a new Republican, New Democrat, New Libertarian, New Green, New
...EU ..., I'd rather see a futuristic party that had a smart set of
strategists who could design a rational architecture that has a broad
understanding of society, the future, science, technology, and economics. 
I’d like to see this party have representatives from all existing parties
around the word.  I suppose it would be a World Citizen’s or Citizen’s of
the World political party.

A dream I have had for many years is to have a symposium in Telluride of
some of the most apt thinkers to design this.  In fact this has been going
on for about 30 years in Telluride, but never gets to a next step. 


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