[extropy-chat] Re: Politics: Extropian party

natashavita at earthlink.net natashavita at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 14 16:19:17 UTC 2004

From: Harvey Newstrom 

Adrian Tymes writes: 

> Would you believe the Extropians were, in at least one
> widely-consumed piece of science fiction, a major
> political party?  (At least, one of the two major
> parties was called the Extropians, and its beliefs
> were not that different from ExI's official
> philosophy.)

>Ha.  How quickly they forget.  The Extropians List used to be full of 
>"extropians" sightings in science fiction and literature.  Searching
>for the word extropian finds over a dozen books referencing "extropians".  
>Many are science fiction and many are science fact. 

Also, there are a few fictional characters based on "extropians."  


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