[extropy-chat] Politics: Extropian party

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 15 02:09:09 UTC 2004

> Adrian Tymes
> Random thought: which extropians (not necessarily
> Extropians, but people who agree with our general
> outlook) are both electable and would not mind serving
> in elected office?...

Senators seldom get elected president because they
have a public record of stuff they voted for.  It is
difficult to create an image, when they already have
a record.  Many of us here are not electable simply
because of stuff we have posted in this public forum.
I have posted a bunch of wacky stuff here, cutting up
and trying to entertain, such as the Hoerkheimer riffs
a couple yrs ago, and other silliness.  This would all
come back to haunt me bigtime, should I ever decide to 
run for public office.

So the ExI archives are good for that at least.



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