[extropy-chat] Books in the Bath

Dan Clemmensen dgc at cox.net
Thu Jul 22 03:23:07 UTC 2004

Showers are for getting clean (mostly.) Baths are for relaxing and 
contemplating the world.
I shower every day (Gross waste of resources, but I'm a creature of 
habit.) My shower
stall has a steam-bath system, which is a ridiculous extravagance. I 
love it. My wife tells
me that I talk to myself and plan the day. I cannot refute this.

Baths are for contemplation. My wife starts the day with a bath in the 
big tub. She usually

I don't do baths. I'll occasionally bathe to relax in the winter. I 
shower first to get clean, and
and then get in the big tub with a book and a drink. ( and sometimes 
with my wife.)

In summer, I usually get into the outside spa in the evening. I'm too 
lazy to swim in the pool.
Other family members swim, and then get in the spa. I think deep 
philosophical thoughts, which
I usually ( but not always) forget by the time I go back to my computer. 
If I had a waterproof
computer, I might capture these wonderful insights. More likely, the 
computer would distract
me and spoil the experience.

Emlyn wrote:

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><natashavita at earthlink.net> wrote:
>>Emlyn wrote:
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>>>Subject: Re: [extropy-chat] Books in the Bath
>>>I have a woolly theory that people with a "P" in the Myer-Briggs J/P
>>>dimension tend toward taking baths, and those with a "J" take showers.
>>>I'm "P" and I have baths, any other corroboration?
>>Do you have a window and a view from your bathtub?  People who enjoy taking
>>baths and are also artistically/aesthetically inclined enjoy a vista while
>Actually we're currently renting our house, and it has no bath, so we
>put a clawfoot tub out the back (outside). The backyard is secluded,
>the bath is in amongst all manner of greenery (not due to my efforts,
>I am a chlorophobe, or possibly a chloropath). It's a beautiful place
>to stretch out in a steaming hot tub and contemplate, you know, stuff.
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