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As a personal aside, in the last year or so I've had the worst dreams of my life regarding "end-of-the-world scenarios" caused by explosions - nuclear bombs and such (actually I haven't had nightmares any like this, ever - and they've been coming intermittently but consistently). 

Is anyone else on this list as worried as I am?  Does anyone see any end in sight?  

Re the 9/11 Commission Report:  "The report offers vivid details on our worst fears. Instead of focusing on immediately hitting back at Osama, Bush officials indulged their idiotic idée fixe on Saddam and ignored the memo from their counter-terrorism experts dismissing any connection between the religious fanatic bin Laden and the secular Hussein."

The report by the September 11 commission is missing one  
obvious way the U.S. government could reduce the chance of another  
terrorist attack, Libertarians say: Quit meddling in foreign nations.

"The intelligence reform needed most right now is a more intelligent  
foreign policy," says Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik.  
"Pulling U.S. troops out of nations where they don't belong would make  
America much safer than appointing a thousand new intelligence czars."

Pat Fallon
pfallon at ptd.net

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