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I don;t want to keep slaving all my life, but I don;t want to take other
people's money to pay for my vacations either.
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> > But the solution to the SS mess is very clearly to dismantle it with as
> > much compassion and care for those who have been led to depend on it and
> > are already doing so or will be too soon to do something else as
> > possible.    The second part of the solution is to do something about
> > the rising median age of the population.  For that life extension,
> > anti-aging and continuously improved medicine AND healthier life habits
> > of the population are essential.   We must increase the healthy and
> > productive years if all we Boomers aren't going to be seen as a
> > parasitical burden.
> >
> > - samantha
> >
> You don't want to keep slaving away all your life do you? Even the
> Japanese don't want that, and they seem to *really* *like* *working*.
> Why not try their idea, and start building robots. While you're at it,
> go open source!
> Japan's Robot Developers Go Linux
> "Japan's preoccupation with consumer robots is largely driven by
> economic imperatives. It has an aging population, declining birthrates
> and a looming labor shortage, which means that the development of a
> standard robot platform could simply be a matter of time. However,
> despite its growing popularity in robotics, Linux cannot yet claim
> victory."
> http://www.technewsworld.com/story/32281.html
> Manga really affected that country. Maybe a lot of Astro Boy didn't
> come through in the translation?
> Can you imagine proposing developing robots as a solution to impending
> aging population based labor shortages, in any of the anglo western
> countries? People would look at you like you were mad. The funky thing
> is, I think those crazy kids in Japan will probably pull this off.
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