[extropy-chat] Re: [Ethics] In defense of moral standards

Jef Allbright jef at jefallbright.net
Fri May 6 14:45:00 UTC 2005

Morality has just nothing to do with the Big Bang, the laws of mathematics and
logic, the laws of physics, or anything that I can consider really
fundamental in the universe as it is presently understood by science.

Then how can you possibly evaluate, judge, compare, communicate any of
the moral values you hold dear? Do you also consider yourself to operate outside the physical realm?

I've been reading and trying to give your words the benefit of the
doubt, but this is so blatant I just have to ask whether you really mean
what you seem to be saying.

Well, I can evaluate, judge, compare, communicate any of the moral
values I hold dear by trying to relate them to, and possibly derive
them from, basic values that I choose to hold as fundamental.


Giulio -

Your responses indicate that you do, in fact consider logic and 
mathematics to have something to do with morality and although you 
didn't respond directly, I think it's safe to assume you do see yourself 
as being in a world described by physics.

I see from your posts to this group and others that you seem to be a 
kind and sensitive person, most interested in "human values" rather than 
"cold and hard", scientific facts and theories.

I don't think it would be effective to debate this further, but I would 
suggest that with time you may find ways to integrate what you seem to 
see as two completely separate realms of thought.

- Jef

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