[extropy-chat] State of the Total Information Awareness project

Extropian Agroforestry Ventures Inc. megao at sasktel.net
Fri May 6 21:25:34 UTC 2005

Just how close is the TIA project to being able to track all 360 million 
or so North Americans 24/7/364?

If money is scannable at ATMs  , then next might be scanning mechanisms 
integrated  into cash registers.
If Banks implement total tracking of transactions all that might slip by 
would be coins.

If all card-related transaction data is TIA accessible then it is 
possible to track individuals  quite well.
Biometric ID would complete the picture and co-relate  the individual to 
the deemed transaction owner.

GPS linkage to POS and POTransactions and location of physical 
conveyances would then allow
analysis of patterns of movement and make patterns more and more 

Things like individual home power consumption signatures could indicate 
volumes and strengths and pitches
of device in and outputs.

All that would then be missing would be an AI scaled to handle TIA data 
flow in real time.

Crime as we know it would become predictable as TIA became more and more 
and robust enough to hold 360,000,000 dynamic patterns in active memory 

Is the cost of this worth the benefits.
Compared to policing, enforcement and punishment costs society bears it 
might be economical.
Compare the cost of preventing a murder with the costs of 40 years of 
confinement by a judicial system.
The other cost would be social.
If the system has firm protocals and individuals are prevented from any 
form of civil disobedience
which might be required to implement a process of change how would this 
be built into
an otherwise totally managed system?

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