[extropy-chat] Casimir Torque Project

Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au
Sun May 8 02:22:05 UTC 2005

Greg Burch wrote:

 > Mike ...There are lots of people who read the list off and on 
> who've accomplished many things on the scale you've pointed 
> to, me among them.  While I've been a list member, I've built a 
> successful law practice (or two or three), designed and built
> my dream house with my wife, learned to live with a lemur,
> helped the Smithsonian raise money to restore a Saturn V,
> taught myself 3d computer modelling, started a blog that gets
> quite a few hits, revived my Chinese language skills ... and 
>that's just what comes to me off the top of my head.  There
> are plenty of others here who've done just as much or more.
>  It's true there's often an inverse proportion between activity
> in the "real world" and posting on the list here.  But that 
> doesn't mean folks aren't still thinking about the issues we
> consider vital and, when the opportunity presents itself,
> moving things along a little bit at a time ...

What has any of that got to do with transhumanism or extropy?

Is merely trying (and perhaps succeeding) in having a good,
enjoyable, rewarding life enough?  This reminds me of a sort of
protestantism that equates christianity with going to church on

You are a Director of ExI Greg, and yet you hardly ever post to
this list. The same could be said of Max More. 

Imo the list is the poorer and the less interesting for the absence
of your voices. And the list to me IS the public face of extropy.

Brett Paatsch

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