Samanthas religion was Re: [extropy-chat] Creating Transhumanity

Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at
Mon May 9 09:27:02 UTC 2005

Another thought Samantha,

If your religion specifically favoured or encouraged cryonics
then it is possible (even likely that) civil liberties organisations
would go into bat for you in defence of freedom of religion, in 
the event that local or state laws turned against you because
cryonics fell out of favour with the locals for some reason. 

They would not have to agree that your decision to sign up for
cryonics rational sense to be willing to uphold your right to 
make that decision for yourself especially if you made it on
religious grounds. 

With a hub religion set up, cryonicists could convert to your
religion at some stage in the future, as a form of additional

Brett Paatsch
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