[extropy-chat] Creating Transhumanity

Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au
Mon May 9 08:11:07 UTC 2005

Samantha wrote:

> So what am I doing.  I have been kicking something around
> for a long time.   I am done kicking it around. I will found a
> strongly transhumanist religion.   Ah. I can hear the groaning
> already. 

I'm not groaning, I'm smiling. I think the idea is just about crazy
enough to be worth trying. A transhumanist religion is likely to
fare better than a transhumanist political party for instance. 

I think that you will find that there is a lot of work involved, but
it could be interesting to work out how to legally establish a 
religion in the USA.  There are probably tax concessions etc. 

> I think that there is room and good reason to take the best of
> human spirituality and its tools and deep yearnings and wed 
> that with science and especially with transhumanism/futurism/
> extropian memes.   A Vision that knits hearts and minds
> together toward its manifestation could be planted all across
> many spiritual communities, in transhumanist circles and pull
> in many others from their cynicism or experience of lack of
> meaning.  When such a Vision takes hold the chances of 
> arriving at a future that sings the best in us into manifestation
> will be greatly increased.  

> It is a religion because it will teach that we need much more
> than technology to truly create a relative paradise on this earth.

I'm not certain but I think there are some tests that have to be
passed to be classified as a 'religion', you can't just proclaim 
yourself to be the religion of freedom-from-other's-foolish-
religiousness for instance.  I'm not sure but perhaps you have
to believe in some sort of supreme being. 

>  It will take a lot of in depth psychological and spiritual work
> to become our best selves and free our energies for the Work.
> It is quite a shift of consciousness to really get Abundance. 
> This religion is not exclusive and certainly doesn't have a 
> corner on Truth.  It is simply the best and widest net for
> moving forward that I can presently conceive of weaving 
> and casting.  You don't have to believe everything I believe.
>  Take what works for where you are. It will work for some 
> and not for others.   It is not my job to figure it all out.  I hope
> enough others  are drawn to the basic idea that we together 
> can flesh out the organization and create, ever sharpen and 
> spread the Vision.   I hope it infects a lot of people in various
> other religions.  

How ecumenical :-)

> I hope it infects and inflames a lot of people who think that to
> create, claim and be claimed by a Vision is somehow 
> intellectually uncool.

Intellectual coolness is overrated. 

> It is very early in the formation phase of this new religion.  
>  The name I am considering is "Church of the Fulfillment". 
>  The idea being that we, all of humanity, can now get on with 
> fulfilling all those age-old dreams of humanity and more for
> real, here and now, in this world.  

I like the idea Samantha.  Its not for me. But its at least
*interesting* and you would learn something by trying to do
it in a sensible way. 

Brett Paatsch

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