[extropy-chat] Creating Transhumanity

Max More max at maxmore.com
Mon May 9 22:34:22 UTC 2005

At 07:23 PM 5/8/2005, Dirk wrote:

>For my second I'm writing a book on magick where the last chapter will be 
>an analysis of Transhumanism as the modern day 'Great Work' of alchemy.
>I expect to be excommunicated from the list upon publication...

That's an odd think to expect (unless there's something you're not telling us).

I've often made parallels with the alchemists and their three goals of 
transmuting the elements, achieving flight, and immortality. I like to say: 
two down, one to go.

The alchemists were pre-scientific, of course, but had their heart in the 
right place.


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