[extropy-chat] Axiomatic Morality

Dirk Bruere dirk at neopax.com
Tue May 10 18:08:25 UTC 2005

Dirk Bruere wrote:

> Three axiom possible bases:
> (a) Propagation of self into the future
> (b) Propagation of genes
> (c) Propagation of memes
> Depending upon how cynical one is perhaps (a) can be derived from 
> either of the other two
> Transhumanists clearly favour (a)
> Religious people (c)
> Most everyone else is primarily (b) and its consequences
Sorry it seems like I'm replying to my own post but my new spamkiller 
killed Mikes post as I was reading it on the server.
He raises the possibility of a fourth axiom, that of the propagation of 
Nature. IMO that is actually (c)


The Consensus:-
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