[extropy-chat] Moral Relativism--Theory and Practice

John-C-Wright at sff.net John-C-Wright at sff.net
Wed May 11 19:49:32 UTC 2005

Kind sirs and gracious ladies, during this interesting debate on Moral
Relativism, one main concern raised, by more than one writer on this list, has
been whether or Christians pose a mortal threat to your lives and freedoms. As
if we are all slavering gollum-like over our Bibles aching for the days to
return when we would burn Giordano Bruno again. 

I do not mind swallowing insults. God knows, back when I was an atheist, I
insulted my fair share of Christians, and so I have no grounds to complain. But
 I cannot tell when an intellectual (by which I mean someone more concerned with
theory than with practice) knows he is uttering slander, and when he does not
know, but is sincerely worried that I and mine are conspiring to enslave and
kill the innocent.  

This is a Margaret Atwood style fantasy. Here is an example of the reality:


Over 300 Sudanese Slaves Liberated

Christian Solidarity International has reported the release of 336 black
Sudanese slaves from the Dinka tribe in southern Sudan. Upon being freed from
their Arab masters, the former slaves were registered and given grain rations
and survival kits including a cooking pot, mosquito net, plastic sheet, water
container, sickle, and fishing hooks. Many of the newly freed female slaves
reported incidents of rape, genital mutilation, forcible conversion to Islam,
and physical abuse.


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