[extropy-chat] Stem cell breakthrough claims

Amara Graps Amara.Graps at ifsi.rm.cnr.it
Sat May 21 06:31:19 UTC 2005

Brett Paatsch:
>Do you know where to find sources for the fact that something
>like 1 out of 4 or 1 out of 5 fertilized eggs don't go on to 
>become babies?   I can give you some sources if you don't, but I'd
>prefer that you look for yourself first. These sort of facts can help
>put the issues into biological perspective. These sort of facts can
>be shown to people as facts rather than as mere opinions. 

Please send it to the Italian transhumanists
(http://www.transumanisti.it/, riccardo_campa at yahoo.com)
as well, so that they can distribute it. The Referendum
for removing the most restrictive portions of the Italian
ART law is next month, and the positions/debates are in
all of the Italian newspapers now.

( Italian ART Law
http://lists.extropy.org/pipermail/extropy-chat/2004-April/005345.html )

If the laws are not overturned, the blocks are too large
against my trying to build my life in this country, and I must
give up.  (*)


(*) The futility of trying to live in this country has become 
too discouraging and I might give up anyway. My fiftieth-something 
visit to the Polizia  to try to get my permit-of-stay, yielded, as
usual, nothing. To the Italian government, I'm  'just off the boat'.
Certainly some better nights of sleep will help me make a 
rational decision, but if you have suggestions, ideas, offers, 
I'm all ears. [To your question : why doesn't my work help me
with this political stuff, the answer is: they cannot. I'm the
first extracommunitari scientist my department has who has 
stayed longer than one year, and they have no experience. Not 
even the Italian Space  Agency has anyone who can help. It is 
rare  for a  scientist  to immigrate _into_ Italy, you see.]

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INAF- Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario, CNR - ARTOV, 
Via del Fosso del Cavaliere, 100, I-00133 Roma, ITALIA
"We came whirling out of Nothingness scattering stars like dust." 

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