[extropy-chat] Origins of transhumanism

Keith Henson hkhenson at rogers.com
Sun May 22 05:52:45 UTC 2005

*One* of the origins of transhumanism dates back to the L5 Society, founded 
to promote space colonies in 1975.  (My ghod that's a long time ago!)

Anyway, some of the people involved in those days wrote a long lost short 
story which has now been put on a web site.


[This story was written in fits and starts in the years after the L5 
Society was started--in those heady days when we could envision Solar Power 
Satellites paying for space colonies. I am not sure if it was submitted to 
a publisher. Not long ago I found a typed copy, scanned it and converted to 
HTML. Sorry for any remaining OCR errors. Brad Barber and I contributed the 
technology, Carolyn the food descriptions, Annita the characters and most 
of the story line. The authors all wrote on it at times. The technical 
elements are long out of date, particularly with respect to nanotechnology 
and life extension, though the computer descriptions were not so far off 
what has come to be. Think of it as being found in a time capsule buried in 
1978. Keith Henson May 20, 2005]

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