[extropy-chat] Religion Rant

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Wed May 25 17:44:00 UTC 2005

On May 25, 2005, at 2:09 AM, BillK wrote:

> Personal freedom doesn't mean keeping your mind so open that your
> brains leak out.

Nor does it require claiming or believing that your own understanding  
is what all sensible people will come to when they grow up.

> The biggest critics / opponents of religion are the members of a
> different religion.
> 'My invisible friend is better than your invisible friend'. Let's have
> a holy war!

Cheap characterization.

> It is a waste of your intelligence to try and find the 'one true path'
> among the thousands of cults and religions. And don't bother becoming
> a New Age type who treats all the religions like a restaurant menu.
> "I'll have one of them and some of that and a bit of this, etc.".

More of the same.

> As a wild generalisation, being "Spiritual" in western society mostly
> means - "I am not a member of any church or organisation, but I think
> deep thoughts and am a nice guy".
> The implication here being that if you are not "Spiritual" you are
> either not a nice guy, or at least, not as nice as the "Spiritual"
> one.

"Wild generalization" is another way of saying "cheap characterization".

> The nonsense that has been displayed in the Religion threads
> demonstrates all the myriad interpretations that different branches of
> Xianity extract from the same verses of the Bible. Every verse has
> multiple interpretations and can be countered by quoting opposing
> verses.

Partially agreed.  The only sense of it all is in understanding the  
essence of what it is about.  It cannot be found by searching verses  
and books of theology.

> And it is all being used as a route to power by religious
> organisations trying to control your life.

How so?  Many religious organizations have gotten out of the control  
business.  There still are many that believe they should run all  
aspects of society.  But such a belief is not definitive of religion  
or spirituality.

> Sure, you can investigate the unknown. But investigate reality, not
> the vivid illusions within your own mind. You might as well get drunk
> every night to investigate the pink elephants roaming around your
> living-room.

Do you really believe that is all there is to spirituality?

- samantha

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