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> > Geeze Spike, you are going over to the dark side. Silicon valley
> > brownouts notwithstanding, for other reasons, Peak Oil is a
> shibboleth.
> Ja I don't believe oil production will peak very soon.  But
> I will give them that it will *eventually* peak.  When it
> does, we will be OK.

I am a big believer of the idea that technological singularities create
sustainable living.

> > Nah, I forsee pebble bed nuclear plants across the country being
> used
> > to recharge metal hydride fuel tanks for fuel cell power plants,
> right
> > before we figure out how to turn a metal hydride battery into a
> cold
> > fusion power plant.
> > 
> > Mike Lorrey
> OK, hope you are right Mike.  Keep in mind that those 
> technologies have been studied extensively.  The energy-
> in-the-road infrastructure doesn't seem to be on the 
> immediate horizon.

I watched an interesting lecture on video about hydrogen car
technologies and learned that the claim that hydrogen brittlizes
transpot pipes is false. Diatomic hydrogen doesn't embrittle pipelines,
it is ionized hydrogen that is the problem, which comes from pipe
systems using synthetics and/or dissimilar metals without proper
grounding. BTW: Natural gas pipes have the embrittlement problem
because natural gas can be anywhere between 10-40% hydrogen depending
on the source. So I've changed my mind about developing hydrogen
distribution infrastructure. We can use the pipes that exist, we just
need them more networked.

Speaking of which, just as we are looking for easy sources of

Don't need energy in the road, just need a gas pipeline to the gas
stations. Metal hydride fuel storage and the new metal hydride
battery/fuel cell dual device breakthrough seem to me to be the answer.

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