[extropy-chat] SPEAKER: Needed for International TechnologyConference

Gary Miller aiguy at comcast.net
Sat May 28 03:40:41 UTC 2005

Are any hard copy, tapes or mp3 transcripts available for a fee from such

While I do currently do not have the financial resources available to attend
such events, I may have the limited resources to help support such events
after the fact if such materials were available. 

If so is there a website that serves as a purchasing portal for such

vitamore at austin.rr.com> wrote:
> A well-known international conference is taking place in Northern 
> California in  July.  Max More was invited to deliver the keynote 
> speech.
> Unfortunately Max will be at another conference giving a talk and 
> cannot attend to deliver the keynote.
> However, this conference is adamant about having a well-informed 
> speaker from Extropy Institute deliver the keynote on transhumanist 
> ideas relating to change and technology:
> "...[deliver a] philosophical component into our Conferences that 
> focuses on the need for caution in the development and evolution of 
> the new technologies such as nano-, bio-, info-, etc. as well as a 
> perspective on the evolution of mankind and society ..."

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