[extropy-chat] Financial Times on transhumanism: Themostdangerousidea on earth?

giorgio gaviraghi giogavir at yahoo.it
Mon May 30 01:05:26 UTC 2005

I agre with John, after penicillin, nearly 80 years
ago actually, we never had a real breakthrough.
Many advances in every field of medicine but we only
gained some more survivability
Penicillin put the word END on major diseases since
then we are waiting for a breakthrough to put the word
END to cancer, diabetes and heart disease, just to
name a few.
Cell , genome,gene therapy, transplants, and other
advamces in diagnostics or treatment are still
promising, but we still die from the above diseases,
we only postpone the final demise.
We need not only breakthroughs but a Manhattan style
plan to defeat diseases, with well defined goals,
schedules, milestones and activities tht can direct
the research efforts in the right direction.
with a well defined and managed plan we will achieve
one by one, all needed results
Giorgio--- John K Clark <jonkc at att.net> ha scritto:
> "Bret Kulakovich" <bret at bonfireproductions.com>
> > I don't know, John - fetal surgery for spina
> bifida, treatment for
> > pediatric leukemia, reversal of certain types of
> diabetes, the human
> > trials of stem cell treatment for muscular
> dystrophy, organ transplant in
> > general... not to mention 8 Molar glycerol!
> I'm all for stem cells, I think they have enormous
> potential, but as of
> today they have helped few if any people, the same
> is true for gene therapy.
> If you got sick today and were taken to a hospital
> today would your
> treatment be "astonishingly" better than it would
> have been in 1985? I think
> not. Unfortunately there is no Moore's Law for
> medicine.
>   John K Clark
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