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Al Brooks kerry_prez at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 1 22:14:59 UTC 2006

Please go into some detail as how to rectify the situation. Do you want negotiations with the other side? to what purpose? to say What? what does the other side have to say to us? what message do they have to give us?: "just wait 'til we get our hands on your families; just wait 'til we plant a dirty bomb in DC"?
  There's no placating anyone whose fondest hope is to slice and dice you.
  You think it's mainly about imperialism-- it's a great more than that, it is very complicated.
  And just say Bush & Cheney were impeached, who would replace them? You can't just say 'impeach and remove them', there's got to be more of an outlook for the future. Do you want Nancy Pelosi, next in line, for President? Who do you want? The administration has screwed up the war effort, but are you completely free from doubt that a replacement for this administration if it were removed could handle it all more ably for the rest of this decade and into the next?
  Would the dislocation from removing this administration negate the admittedly positive results? Would this country be politically crippled from impeachment and removal? You don't know; nobody does. It's all up in the air, there are too many loose ends. It's all political parlor talk so far, and the brighter ones in the administration know that, as professionals they are aware of the entire situation.

  Jeff writes

> Islam has been on the defense, legitimately so, against western
> aggression, domination and expansion for a long time.

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