[extropy-chat] Islam on defense?

Thomas thomas at thomasoliver.net
Sat Dec 2 00:58:59 UTC 2006

Joe Biden seems to be vying for alpha dog at the moment.  Bush is  
staying the course. (sigh . . . )
On Dec 1, 2006, at 3:14 PM, Al Brooks wrote:

> [ . . . ]Do you want Nancy Pelosi, next in line, for President? Who  
> do you want? The administration has screwed up the war effort, but  
> are you completely free from doubt that a replacement for this  
> administration if it were removed could handle it all more ably for  
> the rest of this decade and into the next?
> Would the dislocation from removing this administration negate the  
> admittedly positive results? Would this country be politically  
> crippled from impeachment and removal? You don't know; nobody does.  
> It's all up in the air, there are too many loose ends. It's all  
> political parlor talk so far, and the brighter ones in the  
> administration know that, as professionals they are aware of the  
> entire situation.
> Jeff writes
> > Islam has been on the defense, legitimately so, against western
> > aggression, domination and expansion for a long time.
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