[extropy-chat] Islam on defense?

Al Brooks kerry_prez at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 2 02:27:51 UTC 2006

Tom, men and alpha dogs are one and the same; in fact
a man by definition is a hog, with few exceptions.
Maybe in the UK it's a little different, but American
men are swine, that's a fact-- how do you think
America got to be top dog? You know how bloodyminded
American guys are? That's why sex is so important, if
men weren't balling they'd be committing more acts of
 I tolerate Dubya, he is a swine but Jimmy Carter
didn't cut it because he was considered a
"girly-man"... as governor of our most important state
would say. Besides, Nietszche had a point: the weak
are often jealous of the strong.

It's all business-- even religion is business!!
 The Catholic Church is big business and that's
alright, if wasn't them it might very well be someone

> Joe Biden seems to be vying for alpha dog at the
> moment.  Bush is  
> staying the course. (sigh . . . )

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