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Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 01:21:27 UTC 2006

On 12/1/06, Al Brooks <kerry_prez at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Please go into some detail as how to rectify the situation.

I am going to assume that by "the situation" you mean Islamic
fundamentalist militancy in general, Al Quaeda in particular as well
as other lesser-known agents of violence, the Iraq mess in particular
and the mid-east mess in general.

> Do you want
> negotiations with the other side? to what purpose? to say What? what does
> the other side have to say to us? what message do they have to give us?:
> "just wait 'til we get our hands on your families; just wait 'til we plant a
> dirty bomb in DC"?

"What message do they have to give us?", you ask.  Are you sincere, or
is it just rhetorical?  Seeing as how you've provided an answer to
your own question, I conclude that you're not interested in the REAL
answer, that is, the answer that the Islamists might actually provide.
 Have you ever cared to seek out the statements of bin Laden that
address your question?  I suspect not, but I challenge you directly,
"Is your point of view on this matter based on facts; have you read
bin Laden's statements regarding why he does what he does, or is your
point of view all Fox news derived?"

> There's no placating anyone whose fondest hope is to slice and dice you.

This suggest to me that you are a Neocon Kool-Aid junkie.

The classic boogeyman fear-mongering horseshit is that "the
terrorists" fondest hope is to kill as many Americans as they can, any
time, any place.  More of the "They hate us for our freedoms, our
prosperity, and our way of life" crap.

This whole line of nonsense is a reflection of American
self-absorption.  It's all about us, all the time.  As if the
Islamists wake up in the morning thinking how much they hate
Americans, and spend the day thinking some variation on that theme
while desperately craving the violent deaths of Americans/jews by the
busload.  Get over yourself.  They have lives of their own.  It's not
all about you.

> You think it's mainly about imperialism-- it's a great more than that, it is
> very complicated.

Indeed it is.  And when I hear a fact or two coming from you that
suggests that you have a clue, then we can talk.

> And just say Bush & Cheney were impeached, who would replace them? You can't just say 'impeach and remove them',...

Oh, yes I can.  It's a friggin' lovely idea.  And immensely practical.

> ... there's got to be more of an outlook for the future.

No more Bush cabal wars for the sake of the psycho-moron's ego, stolen
oil, and the looting of the American treasury, no more lies from those
for whom lieing is their only area of competency.  Already the
"outlook for the future"  is looking much better.

> Do you want Nancy Pelosi, next in line, for President?

Kerry is a douchebag.  Gore ran the worst campaign in human history,
until Kerry outdid him. The Repubs are vicious and corrupt.  The Dems
spineless, clueless and corrupt.  But anyone  -- N E 1  -- would be
better than the Bush cabal.

And frankly, I think Nancy Pelosi might make a great president.
(Am I right that you're a full on right wing partisan, and on that
basis disagree?)

> Who do you want? The administration has screwed up the war effort, but are you
> completely free from doubt that a replacement for this administration if it
> were removed could handle it all more ably for the rest of this decade and
> into the next?

My dog could do better.  In other words: yes.

> Would the dislocation from removing this administration negate the
> admittedly positive results? Would this country be politically crippled from
> impeachment and removal?

Impeachment, removal, indictment, conviction, and incarceration would
restore the hope of Americans and people everywhere that the American
Dream, the dream of a better world a, world where the law is not a
cobweb, is alive and well in these United States.

Sadly the Dems are such swine and the political system so debased,
that it's far more likely that the American experiment is over.

> You don't know; nobody does. It's all up in the
> air, there are too many loose ends. It's all political parlor talk so far,
> and ...

> ...the brighter ones in the administration know that, as professionals they
> are aware of the entire situation.

The curse of --for want of a better phrase -- Kool-Aid poisoning is so
deep and widespread that those "professionals" seem devoid of rational

At the start you said, "Please go into some detail as how to rectify
the situation. "

Here's what I would do:  If I didn't care about US bases in the
mideast, preferring to eschew military adventurism, then I would
flippin RACE to get every American back safe to his or her
family.(After which I would make a point of making a daily
announcement that in Iraq that day no Americans had been killed and no
Americans wounded.  I would continue this till folks got tired of it.)
 Then the only dealings I would authorize with the mideast -- Israel
included -- would be to pay for oil and take delivery.

That's the short version.  There are some details, and plenty of room
for flexibility.

Otherwise, I would declare to the world the US intent to redeploy with
all speed, and invite whomever to help in whatever fashion to make it
orderly.  To that end (the orderliness part) I would move some troops
to Kurdistan and send the rest home.  I would let the Shia and Sunni
settle their differences (the Shia outnumber the Sunni 4 to 1), with
American air power on tap to prejudice the outcome and discourage

For the most part, however, I don't give a flying f***.  F*** the
troops, f*** the country, I've got mine.  I have no loyalty whatsoever
to the US anymore.  It's a total sham.  If the American people don't
care enough to preserve their experiment and make it work, then let
them join the detritus of history.  The Indian and Chinese seem
enthusiastic and more than qualified to take the lead in the human

As for me, I support the truth.

> Jeff writes
> > Islam has been on the defense, legitimately so, against western
> > aggression, domination and expansion for a long time.

Best, Jeff Davis

               "Everything's hard till you
                     know how to do it."
                              Ray Charles

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