[extropy-chat] for Amara - a cartoon referencing Pluto

pjmanney pj at pj-manney.com
Tue Dec 5 20:17:58 UTC 2006

Amara wrote:
>This is a picture of my sister's dog from the perspective of her 5 year
>old son. She encourages him to walk around their house with a cheap
>digital camera, taking pictures.  I've been urging her for a while to
>collect all of his pictures, as they are a unique record of his life,
>and they are also an engaging view of the universe from a height of 1
>meter and from the mind of someone who doesn't easily accept the words:
>'no', you cannot. :-)
>To aid Anders' previous words about lending encouragement and support
>for the tolerance of differences, I suggest to all of those (and us) who
>are 'different', to: document, document, document... These five year
>olds have a lot to say and to contribute to the richness of the world we
>adults live  in, don't you think? So do every other 'different' being.
>Since our media is almost instantaneous, I suggest to use it in order to
>show diversity in all its glory.  Resist homogenization.... !

And increase empathy!

Thanks for this Amara.  This is a perfect example of visual storytelling increasing empathy.  5 year old meets dog, in the 5 year old's shoes.  (Oh!  Big Dog!  And his nose is in my face!  Is he going to lick me???)  If you put his photos together, they'd tell the story of his 5 year old life.  And you'd relate.  

If a five year old can crack this at his level, what about the rest of us?


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